Our vision is for a better America. Here’s what that means.

  • A government freed from the slime of routine corruption, in order to clear the way to serve the best interest of the American People. This means passing laws that block our politicians in Congress from engaging in corrupt behavior. It means setting clear standards for government agencies all across the Executive Branch of the government — and then making sure those standards are enforced.
  • A clear mandate for the government to actually serve the best interest of the People.
  • The rules of our economy must be rewritten to stop transferring massive wealth out of the pockets of ordinary Americans and into the pockets of those of us who need more wealth the very least. Currently, some people in our economy are getting paid more not because they’re delivering value to others, but because they’re gaming the system. Fixing our economy to level the playing field for ordinary Americans will include — among other things — reforming our financial sector, reforming how massive corporations are governed and how their CEOs are compensated, and reforming our healthcare system to deliver more value to ordinary Americans. All of this will make our economy more efficient, and help propel us to a greater prosperity.
  • All of us should have access to quality, affordable health care.
  • We must improve the health of our people, by shifting subsidies over time from foods that contribute to disease to healthier foods.
  • Reform the criminal justice system.
  • Fight the opioid epidemic and big tobacco.