Author of the “How We Fix America” Course

In the spring of 2016, I got really serious about finding the answer to a question that had bothered me for years.

“What’s wrong with America — and how do we fix it?”

After five and a half years of research, I arrived at some clear answers. The most complete version of these answers is presented in a 14-lesson course, called the “How We Fix America” course.

I didn’t start out asking, “How could I get elected?” 

I started out asking, “What’s really wrong here, and how do we fix it?”

Problem-Solving Small Businessman

Since 2003, I’ve run a small business helping individuals and businesses with computer technical support. 

Over the years, I’ve served more than 1,000 satisfied customers in the Springfield area.

In every case, the main task has been problem solving. 

Often, solving a problem begins by asking the right questions. Once you have the right question (or questions), you’re usually halfway there. 

A Long History of Making a Difference

As a young man, I didn’t set out to make money — I set out to make a difference.

This led to about 10 years of service overseas as a Christian missionary. A couple of those were as a young single guy. Eight of those were with my wife. 

Those years included a brief period on board the m/v Anastasis, which at the time was the largest Christian missionary ship afloat. The Anastasis was devoted to disaster relief and medical and dental missionary work in 23 nations. We also spent some years spent in Europe and the UK, working with others to help train and send out new missionaries.

Joan and I returned to the US in 1999, and have lived here in Springfield for more than 20 years. All of our children have grown up in the same house that my wife grew up in!

Husband & Father of Six

Joan and I have been married for almost 32 years, and have six children. Five of them are grown now.

Our kids’ current roles include:

  • a research scientist (working in biology)
  • a high school Spanish language teacher
  • a mechanical engineer working on engines for heavy equipment
  • a nurse specializing in labor, delivery and neonatal care
  • a college student 
  • and a student in Springfield Public Schools.