Today I am announcing my candidacy for United States Representative, to represent the People of Southwest Missouri (7th District).

I’m running for Congress to help bring back the American Dream in power, for all of us.

If you and your family are bringing in anything less than $130,000 a year, then the ongoing warping of our economy over the past 40 years is probably costing you at least $24,000 a year — every single year.

Over just 10 years, that’s enough to pay cash for a typical middle-class home!

This has to end.

And the pathway to ending it is clear. The warping of America’s economy has come because politicians have too often sold out our interests to those of the highest bidder. Unfortunately, Republicans in particular seem to be excelling at putting big donors’ interests ahead of ours.

We will only restore American Dream Capitalism when we unrig our political system — through comprehensive, thorough, no-holds-barred anti-corruption reform.

Three Great Goals with the Power to Change Everything

We have within us the power to massively and positively transform our future — if only we will do it.

Goal One: Let’s Bring Back American Dream Capitalism, and Fully Restore the American Dream.

Since about 1980, America’s economy has been completely restructured.

Previously, from the 1940s through the 1970s, all Americans fully enjoyed the benefits of American Dream Capitalism.

Middle class and working class Americans were advancing by leaps and bounds.

The economy was growing at a healthy pace.

And even the super-rich were still getting richer!

But American Dream Capitalism has been replaced by a new system — one in which 90% of us advance slowly (and some not at all), while a tiny minority of mega-millionaires, billionaires, and mega-billionaires watch their wealth continually explode to new heights.

Want proof? We now produce roughly twice as much wealth, per person, as we did about 40 years ago.

And the average American is nowhere near twice as well off.

But the richest? In 1980, the richest American had about $4.5 billion in wealth, in today’s dollars.

Today, the richest American doesn’t have $9 billion as you might expect.

Instead, he has over $230 billion.

And the second-richest isn’t far behind.

This wouldn’t be a problem… except that this astonishing, space-tourist wealth has come at your expense, and mine.

So how do they do it? It’s fairly simple. A minority of powerful people have managed to rework our economy to make it suck huge amounts of wealth away from the vast majority of us, and deliver it to those who are already at the very top.

Most of us don’t realize how bad this is, because we haven’t actually gone backwards. But much of the forward progress that should belong to all of us has been appropriated by a tiny few.

In fact, economists tell us that America’s elites have taken close to $50 trillion from all the rest of us over the past 40 years or so. ([1]See: “The Top 1% of Americans Have Taken $50 Trillion From the Bottom 90%—And That’s Made the U.S. Less Secure,” Nick Hanauer and David M. Rolf, Time, September 14, 2020.)

For the average family, this works out to close to half a million dollars of prosperity that should have been yours — beyond what progress you’ve been able to realize through your years of hard work.

And they’re still taking. Every single day.

If you and your family are bringing in anything less than about $230,000 a year, then you’re losing out to our warped and rigged economy. And if you’re bringing in anything less than about $130,000 a year, you’re probably losing at least $24,000 a year.

$2,000 this month… $2,000 next month… $2,000 every month… And in some cases, more than that.

This is a five-alarm emergency. And whoever you elect to Congress — or really, to any legislative office at any level — absolutely needs to be someone who will make this their top priority.

Goal Two: Let’s Bring Back Government that Serves the Best Interest of the People.

We can likely only achieve our first goal — that of bringing back the American Dream in power — by restoring government that actually represents us, instead of the highest bidders.

And when we clean up our government, we will also clear the way to solve so many of the challenges and problems we face.

Good health care that you can really afford. Education that unlocks the potential of every child. Preserving our environment and natural resources for our kids and grandkids. Almost every major problem we face could be massively advanced, if we only had a government that’s dedicated to serving the best interest of the American People.

You and me.

Goal Three: Let’s Focus on the Things that Matter Most — and Build a Shared Vision for America’s Future.

America once truly led the world not just militarily, but with the world’s highest standard of living.

And we can do so again.

We will get there when we start focusing on the issues that are life changing for almost all of us — namely, unrigging our rigged politics and restoring American Dream Capitalism — and stop letting politicians divide us over issues that have little real impact on most of us, or that are simply stories without the facts to back them up.

These include things like arguing over football players kneeling to express that we need to fully live up to the values expressed in our Pledge of Allegiance. (Between this issue and $24,000 a year of lost prosperity, which is affecting your family more?)

Such issues also include false claims that Democrats “are going to destroy the country.” (In reality, 75% of American jobs over the past 45 years have been created under Democratic, not Republican, Presidents.)

And they include fear of other people. Immigrants. Gay people. African Americans. The Chinese. Criminals. None of which are likely having a truly major impact on your life.

And certainly not as major of an impact as the $2,000+ being drained from your family’s prosperity every single month by our warped and rigged economy.

Instead of a nation in which half of us are struggling just to pay the bills, we can have a future with unprecedented prosperity for all of us — if we choose it.

Instead of paying twice as much for our health care as the people of any other country on earth, we can have a better health care system than the one we have today. One that’s affordable and accessible for all.

We have the resources. And we have the power to change our future.

It’s my desire, with your help, to be among those leading the way.


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1 See: “The Top 1% of Americans Have Taken $50 Trillion From the Bottom 90%—And That’s Made the U.S. Less Secure,” Nick Hanauer and David M. Rolf, Time, September 14, 2020.