If we could have the President we need, what would he or she look like?

The President we need will make it the first and greatest priority to STOP the runaway money-for-influence corruption in Washington, DC — because THIS is the #1 roadblock that keeps Congress and our government from serving the best interest of the People. (YOUR best interest!)

This President won’t be compromised by favors already owed to past big political donors.

He or she won’t be a big politician or billionaire who only pretends to understand and serve ordinary Americans.

We keep electing the same people — and they keep disappointing us — every single time.

The President we need will be President for ALL of the American People — not just SOME of us.

This President will listen carefully to both sides of important issues. He or she will be a solutionist for all of us — not someone who puts ideology first — on either side of the political spectrum. He or she will seek to UNITE us instead of further dividing us using the same old “divide and conquer” politics.

This President will have the skill and interest to sort through complex problems — as well as the propaganda put out by vested interests — to find and promote the best solutions out of a sea of ideas and proposals. He or she will be committed to innovation and competent leadership. Such a President will expand our national conversation, make sure that our decisions are based on solid information and in the People’s best interest, and will lead by explaining WHY a particular course of action will bring us the greatest benefit.

The President we need will see clearly both the big picture and the necessary details.

This President will be fully committed to use the power of the Presidency to RESTORE THE AMERICAN DREAM.

Now this doesn’t describe anybody we’ve seen on the political horizon in a long time.

But ONE CANDIDATE meets this description.

As President, John M. Woodman will do everything possible to rebuild our pathways to prosperity, and to restore the American Dream.

But how can it happen?

IF we are to positively transform our nation’s government, we very much need for you to hop on board and join our team.

And no, that’s not just a worn-out cliche! You see, this campaign is a campaign of and for the People. As such, the People (that’s you!) must be the driving force.

Because if We the People don’t do this, nobody will.

Our goal is for this to be the most “viral” Presidential campaign in history. And that’s why we must have your participation.

Because nobody on Earth can fulfill your role in helping to transform our nation this election — except you.

[I’m interested. How can I help move us forward?]
[I’m interested — but I’m still skeptical.]
[I’m just not interested.]